ORD O’Hare Airport Car and Limo Pickup

Chicago O’Hare International airport has 4 terminals:

Terminal 1, 2, 3, 5 (International)

If you are flying in domestic airlines and have no luggage checked in, your exit time can be as little as 5-10 minutes. If you need to pick up your luggage, follow the signs and you will find luggage pickup carousels at the ground level. Check monitors to find your flight number to pickup your luggage at the carousels. Your exit time might be 15-30 minutes or even longer. Should you see a delay in your exit, or you experience a problem with your luggage, or anything else comes up, we recommend you contact us as soon as possible to advise of the delay.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

We track all the flights according to the information you provide during reservation and we will wait for you for up to 1 hour upon your actual landing. If you can get in touch and advise us of a delay, we encourage you to do so. If you did not provide us flight information or the information is inaccurate, we will wait up to 1 hour, while trying to contact you on the cell phone provided and then call the driver off if no success.

If you see you will be delayed, call/email us to advise.

Where do I find my limo in O’Hare International airport?

ohare-vestibule-3e-ll-700Once you have all your belongings in hand, follow signs to exit out of the airport and take a note of the doors you you are exiting out of. Our limo company is allowed to pick customers up at the following locations at ground level (arrivals):

Terminal 1: Door 1d middle lane
Terminal 2: Door 2c middle lane
Terminal 3: Door 3d middle lane
Terminal 5: Door 5d first lane.

Unfortunately limos are not allowed to wait for customers at the terminals. The car will be waiting for you in the vicinity of the airport awaiting your call if you did not order our “meet and greet” (luggage meet) service. Once you pick up your luggage and find the door from the list above, please call us at 312-972-9900 from your cell phone or toll free 800- 460-6090 from any payphone to advise us that you are ready to leave. The car will be dispatched to you immediately and should arrive on average within 5-10 minutes from the time you call. Once you call, you will be provided with either a license plate number or a number prominently displayed under a windshield of your designated car. Look out for the particular car; the driver should know your name once you get in.

Should you get in a different car or the driver cannot state your name, you, most likely got the wrong car. Call us and we will navigate you to your car.
O'Hare terminal 5 arrivals door 5D

O’Hare terminal 5 arrivals door 5D

I have ordered “Meet and Greet” service, where do I go?

We still remember good ol’ times when we could meet you at the gate. Things changed since then and now we can meet you with a sign on the ground level of the terminal you land in, close to luggage pickup carousels. Once you leave a secured area, follow the signs to baggage pickup area, even if you have not checked anything in and have carry-on only. Your friendly driver will be waiting for you with a sign of your name (you can specify what you want to have on the board during ordering process). S/he will lead you to your car.


International flights concerns

International terminals (terminal 1 and terminal 5) might cause essential delays when it comes to immigration procedures and customs. Normally the passengers would be able to pass the exit at least 15-20 minutes after the plane landed. However, more often than not, exit time can be greatly increased.

Our dispatcher might be trying to contact you at some point, however, please be aware that cell phones mostly do not work in immigration areas, therefore you will not be able to send or receive messages, make calls or exchange emails with us. We advise you to find a payphone and call us, should you see that you are being delayed more than 40-50 minutes. We will call the driver off should we not get in touch with you within 1 hour upon landing.

O'Hare terminal 5 exit B

O’Hare terminal 5 exit B