How We Protect Our Site

256-Bit Encryption

Limousine of Chicago uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for secure transmissions. SSL applies encryption between two communicating applications, such as your PC and our corporate Internet server. When your data is transmitted over the Internet, it is encrypted or “scrambled” at the sending end and then decrypted or “unscrambled” at the receiving end. We use 256-bit encryption, the highest level generally available today. Check your browser to be sure it has the added security of 256-bit encryption.

positive ssl by Comodo 256 bit  certificate

positive ssl by Comodo 256 bit certificate

You will know when you are entering a secure section of our website because you will be notified by an alert window or the lock (or key) at the bottom of your browser will change color or no longer be broken. You will also notice that the URL at the top of your browser contains the letters HTTPS. Limousine of Chicago has been issued a digital certificate from Equifax which ensures the security of information sent to our website.


Our secure servers are protected by firewalls, which are constantly monitored to prevent security breaches.