REAL ID will allow Illinois residents to board airplanes and enter secure federal facilities after 2020. A REAL ID license or identification card will have a gold star in the upper right corner signifying that the holder has complied with the REAL ID requirements.

Persons wanting to obtain a REAL ID license will need to visit a driver services facility to apply. White said the application process for obtaining a REAL ID document takes longer than a regular license or ID card. He asked people to be patient when visiting the facilities.

To obtain a REAL ID license or identification card, an applicant must provide more documentation than is required for a regular license or identification care. Those include an identity document like a birth certificate or U.S. passport; a document containing the person’s Social Security number; two documents proving residency, like a utility bill; and something containing the applicant’s signature. A complete list of documents can be obtained at

Your current Illinois driver’s license or ID card (DL/ID) will be accepted at airports, military bases and secure federal facilities until Oct. 1, 2020. We are providing you with the choice either to obtain a REAL ID card or to keep a standard card. Take time to know your options.

All Driver Services facilities are issuing REAL IDs, with the exception of mobile units and express facilities (Diversey, Lockport, Orland Park, Rockford Auburn St., Roscoe, Washington and Wheaton).

KNow your options when you need REAL ID and when you do not: