1. Parking and Waiting: Once you arrive at O’Hare, follow signs for Terminal 1 and look for designated parking areas or holding lots assigned for commercial vehicles, including limousines. There might be specific waiting areas for pickups.
  2. Communication: Stay in touch with your passenger. Confirm where you’ll meet them—often, this is arranged beforehand. This might be curbside or at a specific location within the terminal.

Pickup Process:

  1. Curbside Pickup: As a limo driver, you may be allowed a certain amount of time for curbside waiting. You can check with the airport’s ground transportation office or specific regulations for this waiting time.
  2. Designated Pickup Zones: O’Hare airport has specific zones for limousine pickups. O’Hare Terminal 1 is second lane, around door 1E on a lower level. Ensure you’re aware of these zones and comply with the airport’s guidelines for picking up passengers.
  3. Flight Tracking: Keep track of the arriving flight’s status, especially if there are delays. This helps in ensuring timely pickup.
  4. Communicate with Passenger: Be in touch with the passenger upon arrival to confirm the meeting point. This could be at the baggage claim area or a specific meeting point within the terminal.
  5. Assist with Luggage: Assist passengers with their luggage and provide them with professional and courteous service.
  6. Follow Airport Rules: Follow all airport rules and regulations regarding pickups and drop-offs. Familiarize yourself with any recent changes or updates in the airport’s policies.

Useful Tips:

  • Professionalism: Maintain a professional appearance and behavior when interacting with passengers and airport staff.
  • ID Display: Ensure your limo service ID or permit is clearly displayed while waiting for pickups. Many times the limo license plate is relayed to the passenger for pickup for identification, but in some instances you would need to display a placard with a specific text. Your dispatcher will inform you.
  • Prearranged Pickup: Whenever possible, arrange pickup details with passengers in advance to minimize confusion and waiting time.
  • Traffic and Timing: Be aware of traffic conditions and timing, especially during peak hours, to ensure prompt and efficient pickups.
  • Safety and Compliance: Comply with all safety regulations and traffic laws during pickups and while driving on airport premises. If a police officer commands you to leave if they see you waiting for a passenger for too long, leave, make a circle, safely stay in touch with a passenger or your dispatch to indicate that fact.

Always keep updated with the airport’s regulations and guidelines for ground transportation services, as these may vary or change periodically. Additionally, consider reaching out to the airport’s ground transportation office or authority for specific instructions or changes related to limo pickups at Terminal 1 of O’Hare Airport.